How can I register?
You do not need to make a boring registration. Just click invest now and make your deposit. You will receive your payment directly to your e-currency.
What is the minimum amount I can invest in your program ?
The minimum spend is $300.
Can I make additional funds deposit?
Yes, you may invest as many times as you like. All your deposits are accumulated together and earn common interest.
What payment processors can I use to make my investments ?
Currently, we only accept Perfect Money Payeer and Bitcoin.
Can I receive my funds to a different e-currency than the one I use to make my investments?
Yes But you need to approved
How is my investment protected from hackers?
Your investment is totally safe because payments are sent directly to the account from which the investment has been made.
Profits are compounding ?
Earnings in our program are not compounded.
How do you process daily payments?
Daily payments are processed automatically by our payment system to your e-currence account.
Do you pay every day, or only working days ?
We pay every day.
How can I trust GetBitcoinFast? What is the risk? Can I lose my money?
We offer our clients time tested investment products of high profitability and efficiency. During the last years we've accumulated reserves that allow us to be strong and at the same time flexible. Now when we dispose $100 million that we can totally secure for our investors' deposits.
Do you offer a referral program?
We pay 6% referral commission for each investment made by clients that were referred by you.
When my referral commission will be paid?
The referral commission is paid directly into your e-currency account within 24 hours after your referral(s) deposit has been made.
How can I refer my friends/partners to invest with GetBitcoinFast?
Just use the link like:, where U1234567 is your e-currency number
How long does it takes you to answer my mail ?
We will answer to your e-mail within 24 hours.
What if I still have a question ?
Please e-mail us:
   In the past month, we calculate the Trading Rate gravely and accurately. We do the payment automatically and always on time. We never miss any client's payment...We'll do our best to gain more trading profits for our clients. Thank you for your support and continuative support.
                                                  Finally we complete all functions testing and desposit now is accepted. Our first payment will be made in the morning of 2010-04-27. Thanks for all your support and joining us.
        GetBitcoinFast opens to public online, but we are currently testing to ensure all functions are working normally. If you find any bug or error on our site, please contact us. Our customer service representatives are always happy to answer your questions, provide more information or assist in any other way, 24 hours a day. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
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